Identity Healing Training

heal (verb) :
Old English hælan “cure; save; make whole, sound and well,” from hailjan, literally “to make whole”

Identity Healing® is a blend of EFT and NLP processes designed to heal troublesome identity beliefs, identity conflicts and related problems.

Traditional EFT focuses on finding the memories that mark the creation of those identity beliefs or conflicts.

Identity Healing focuses on the sub-personalities that were created and now hold those beliefs.

These sub-personalities are constellations of feelings, beliefs and behaviours that were ‘split off’ at times of stress in our early lives.

Using Identity Healing you can identify those struggling sub-personalities, ease their distress, give them resources they need and finally re-integrate them back into the adult selves.

Identity Healing is part tapping, part visualisation and part trance-work.

This training gives experienced EFT Practitioners a practical and thorough introduction to using Identity Healing for their clients and themselves.

“I would highly recommend the Identity Healing training for anyone interested in personal transformation and healing. The Identity Healing process is unique, cutting edge, and transformational, as well as easy to apply both personally, and professionally. I experienced immediate healing and integration, with this gentle and holistic approach, and the delivery and structure of the training itself, made it easy to put into practise.”
— Avril Scott, EFT Master Trainer & Accredited Counsellor

There are just five steps to the Identity Healing processes:

  1. Identify the sub-personality – the part of us that split off and struggles.
  2. Externalise that part so that it is easy to tap for that sub-personality.
  3. Soothe that part using tapping to relieve its distress.
  4. Resource the sub-personality so that it has what it needs (but didn’t get at that time).
  5. Integrate the de-stressed and resourced sub-personality into the adult self.

This is the basic structure of the Identity Healing processes and it can be used for a variety of issues.

For an allegorical description of Identity Healing you might like to read The Enfolding: a Folk Tale of Wounding and Healing.

Identity Healing – Practitioner Training

The Identity Healing Practitioner Training introduces the basics of the process by using instruction, demonstration and supervised practice to enable an experienced EFT Practitioner to:

  • Easily identify and work with sub-personalities.
  • Make powerful changes without needing to process memories.
  • Effectively soothe and heal struggling younger selves.
  • Unfreeze those younger selves so they can grow and evolve as they should if they hadn’t been frozen in place by stress or distress.
  • Help your clients tap into their unconscious resources to heal their younger selves.
  • Use these approaches to heal your own suffering younger selves.
  • Use a variation of these processes for working with dissociated memories and enhanced mental rehearsal techniques.

This training is designed to help you work with single sub-personalities, one at a time. The Identity Healing Practitioner Training is practical and participative. Learning is by demonstration, discussion and supervised pair practice of the techniques.

The training is split into four 3 hour sessions and is run in small groups (maximum 12) participants to ensure the personal attention of the trainer.

“I enjoyed the step by step way we went through the process ensuring each stage was understood. All the instructions were clear and precise and Andy delivered the training fluently and efficiently with an appropriate level of fun. He kept the group fully engaged throughout the 2 day course and created a trusting caring environment for me to explore the process with other delegates.”
Lynda Freeman

Identity Healing Advanced Practitioner Training

Our younger selves do not just exist in isolation. They can interact and be antagonistic to one another.

The Identity Healing Advanced Practitioner Training takes the fundamental Identity Healing process and applies it to the problematic interactions between sub-personalities and the experience of the inner critic.

At the Advanced Practitioner training participants (who must be certified Identity Healing Level Practitioners) will work with:

  • Problem interactions between sub-personalities which can manifest as ‘identity conflicts’ eg. “I hate myself” or “I can’t forgive myself” where parts of ourselves are in conflict of some sort.
  • Resolving the client’s experience of their inner critic(s) and help them find compassion for themselves.
  • Undoing unhelpful relationship roles (sometimes known as Reciprocal Roles) adopted in childhood which interfere with adult life.

These processes require simultaneous working with two or more sub-personalities and their relationships. The processes are the same, the complexity is much greater.

The training is two days long and is run in small groups (maximum 12) participants to ensure personal attention and lots of specific feedback.

Identity Healing Trainings In 2021

Identity Healing Practitioner Training

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Identity Healing Advanced Practitioner Training

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Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend the training for some reason the following cancellation policy applies.

If you give:

  • more than 1 month’s notice – you will receive a full refund, or a free transfer to the next course
  • more than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 75% refund, or a free transfer to the next course
  • less than 1 week’s notice – you will receive a 50% refund, or a free transfer to the next course
  • no notice and fail to attend – no refund, free transfer to the next training (at the trainers discretion)

Important: This training is not a substitute for therapy

Identity Healing is a powerful way to change the way you think and feel, this training is to help you learn these techniques. It is not a substitute for personal therapy or counselling.